Plugin: SitemapExporter

Provides a sitemap for your website

General plugin info
Author:Niels Leenheer, Leo
Current version:0.5-lm1
Support: Plugin comments or forum thread
Compability:Nucleus CMS 3.3

Plugin overview

This plugin provides sitemaps for your website: a Google Sitemap and a Yahoo! Sitemap.


  1. Unzip the file and upload the contents to your plugin directory.
  2. Install the plugin in the admin area.

How to use the plugin

The URLs for your blog are shown on the plugin overview page of your admin area.

The URLs have the following formats. For Google:

For Yahoo:


  • Ping Google after adding a new item.
  • Alternative Google Sitemap URL.
  • Alternative Yahoo! Sitemap URL.
  • Include this blog in the Sitemap Exporter.

Tips and Tricks

To use the alternate paths for your sitelists, your might need to add some code like this to your .htaccess file:

RewriteEngine on
RewriteRule ^sitemap.xml$       /action.php?action=plugin&name=SitemapExporter&type=google      [L] 
RewriteRule ^urllist.txt$       /action.php?action=plugin&name=SitemapExporter&type=yahoo       [L]

Don't add the RewriteEngine line if it already exists in your .htaccess file. Each RewriteRule should be on a single line.

Version History

  • 0.5-lm1 2015-01-02 by Leo (
    • Tested and updated to run on PHP 5.4
    • Will now work correctly with LMReplacementVars plugin installed.
    • Will not show items in the sitemap with date and time in the future.

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