Plugin: MultipleCategories

Each item can belong to multiple categories with subcategories.

General plugin info
Author:Anand + nakahara21 + Taka + sato(na) + shizuki + Katsumi + Leo
Current version:0.5.1j-lm1
Support: Plugin comments or forum thread
Compability:Nucleus CMS 2.20

Plugin overview

The NP_MultipleCategories plugin lets you assign multiple categories to an item. This can include subcategories.

For more info about the plugin see the Japanese plugin wiki page. (Use Google translate)


This version of the NP_MultipleCategories is tested against version 3.66 of LMNucleus CMS. The minimum version of Nucleus CMS needed for using this plugin is 2.20.

The NP_MultipleCategories plugin is not compatible with plugins that require NP_LMReplacementVars.

Version History

  • v0.5.1j-lm1 2014-01-29: by Leo (
    • Based on the v0.5.1j version of the plugin.
    • Tested and updated to run on PHP 5.4 and MySQL 5.5.

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