Available plugins

AccessControl Make blogs/items accessible only for logged in members
LMAdminer Provides Nucleus CMS integration with the database management tool Adminer
LMBlogPaginate Lets you paginate the blog items on the index page and show a list of links that points to various pages of blog items.
LMCommentModerator Keep commenting open for all and still have full control over which comments that get posted.
LMFancierURL The NP_LMFancierURL plugin provides the possibility to use search engine optimized URLs for a Nucleus CMS blog site.
LMLabels Lets you add one or more labels to each item in a blog.
LMPiwik Provides Nucleus CMS integration with the open source web analytics platform Piwik.
LMRedirectToItem Set up redirects for items when migrating to a different URL scheme for a Nucleus blog.
LMReplacementVars Alternative implementations of some key Nucleus core skin and template variables for better plugin support.
LMSpamBotBehavior Spam check plugin for LMCommentModerator that analyzes the comment author client behavior.
LMSticky Gives you the possibility to stick one or more items on the index page.
LMStopForumSpam Spam check plugin for LMCommentModerator that uses the StopForumSpam API to check for spam.
LMTwitterCards Add Twitter Cards metadata to the items in your blog. Can also add Open Graph metadata.
LMURLParts Helper plugin that keep track of URL parts.
MultipleCategories Each item can belong to multiple categories with subcategories.
Ordered Lets you determine the order blog items are displayed on index pages, or categories are listed
SitemapExporter Provides a sitemap for your website