MultipleCategories plugin added to the repository

By: Leo
On: 29/01-14 00:55.
Labels: Plugin, Compability.

The first external plugin has been added to the plugin repository. It is the MultipleCategory plugin. The plugin has been tested and updated to run on PHP 5.4 and MySQL 5.5.

LMNucleus CMS 3.66 released

By: Leo
On: 22/01-14 00:02.
Labels: Core, Release.

The first version of the Slightly Some fork of Nucleus CMS has been released. This fork is called LMNucleus CMS.

Most important changes in LMNucleus CMS 3.66

  • Fixed problem with plugins template/comments/item vars not functioning in PHP 5.4.
  • All fatal PHP errors is now shown in the error log.

For download and install/upgrade instructions see the the download page. For a complete list of changes see the history page.

Slightly Some Nucleus site launched

By: Leo
On: 22/01-14 00:01.
Labels: Site.

The Slightly Some Nucleus site is now launched. It is the home of the LM plugin family for Nucleus CMS, and the home of the fork of Nucleus CMS called LMNucleus CMS.

The skin for this site is made using the Bootstrap front-end framework, and is of course powered by LMNucleus CMS. The site probably have a very distinct Bootstrap feeling, as it uses the default Bootstrap theme.


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