Welcome to the SlightlySome Nucleus Forum



Welcome to the SlightlySome Nucleus Forum. The purpose of this forum is to handle support for Nucleus and LMNucleus, as the original Nucleus support forum is about to be closed.

The forum software used is a slightly modified version of ModernBB 3.3.1. My modifications can be found on GitHub in the slightlysome branch.

The reasons for choosing ModernBB is that it looks good (imho), uses BootStrap out of the box and is lightweight. This is enough for me to ignore the fact that it uses a rather ancient PHP coding practice. wink

Mark Horton

New member

Thank you so much for reviving Nucleus! And glad to be on board the "SlightlySome Nucleus" project.

Mark Horton


New member

When I discovered Nucleus, I had tried several cms...
Hated Wordpress. Drupal was too big... Nucleus was perfect.

I'm not a techie, but I love the ease of use of this cms.

So, Leo: THANK YOU for allowing this wonderful script to move forward.

Hope it will get the success it once had... and then some more!



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hallo Leo, first! many thanks that you give Nucleus CMS a new life. I installed it in the year 2004 - I want HTML strict and Nucleus was the only projekt to do this. I'm loving it, because its easy to handle. I hope, that my homepage is running further with Nucleus.

Beg your pardon for my english, its not my own language ;-) Greetings Heidi-Medulinka ;-)


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Add me to the list of thank yous. Some of us are just plain loyal when we find a product that works for us. I begrudgingly started a WP site to see what it was like. I have to say that despite some of the features being desirable - it's too  bogged-down for my taste. What keeps me with Nucleus is the simplicity of the admin panel and the more likable themes- not to mention their being cost effective. And this is essential when you're an unrecognized, 'trying to get published' writer. ;-)

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