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Originally I posted my question at and repeat it here (slightly corrected and appended) as suggested by user dis:
Hi, My blog runs Nucleus v3.70; I installed LMURLParts (in order to get NP_LMFancierURL_v300) seemingly OK. It shows up on the Plugins admin page with options "deinstall", "administer", "help" and "administer options" (though in my chosen language).
NP_LMFancierURL_v300 is not yet installed. However, the cahnges to index.php, .htacces and .inc files have been made.
When I click "administer" I get the LMURLParts Administration page with two options "Edit URL parts", for myBlog and toplevel parts.
None of the edit links show anything than a blank line with columes named "Name", "URLPart", and "Actions".
Do I need to install NP_LMFancierURL_v300 before I can see (and edit) these URL-parts?
Do I need something else which I didn't describe above?
Note: When activating "fancyUrls" in Nucelus' admin page, the URLS created for all links look fine (like /item/45) but they don't work --- they all lead back to the homepage.
Thanks for caring!

PS: I'm very grateful for your effort to keep Nucleus alive ... though I've only been using it for bit more than a year I learned to love it, though I indeed do face challenges! I like it much more than wordpress, which I used before.