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By: Leo
On: 22/01-14 00:01
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This site is the home of the LM plugin family for Nucleus CMS and the home for the Nucleus CMS fork called LMNucleus CMS. I also plan to make it a repository for up to date plugins for Nucleus CMS.

I have been following the Nucleus CMS project for many years now, and has been an relative active plugin developer for 3 years now. The latest year has all activity by the Nucleus CMS development team stopped, both on the project home page and on the project forum. In addition to the missing developers has everyone lost their update access to the Nucleus CMS wiki.

I certainly want to continue to use Nucleus CMS as the CMS system for my sites, because I like the skin, template and plugin system.

The problem

Nucleus CMS had problems when running on PHP 5.4 or later. Before the last developer left he did release a version of Nucleus CMS that was supposed to fix the problems with PHP 5.4. It fixed many problems, but left some crucial problems still there.

So the current status of the Nucleus CMS project is that all developers are gone, the latest version of the Nucleus CMS core is not functioning properly, no one have administrator access to the project home page/forum and no one can update the wiki with the plugin repository. This looks like a recipe for certain death for the Nucleus CMS project.

Most of the plugins for Nucleus CMS has been abandoned by their authors and not been updated to work with the current versions of Nucleus CMS, PHP and MySQL. I am currently the only plugin developer active on the Nucleus CMS forum.

In addition is there no way to document the release of any new or updated plugins, as no one has write access to the wiki where the plugin repository is kept.

The solution

So the purpose of this site is to give some first aid to the Nucleus CMS project by

  • Making a fork of the current version of the Nucleus CMS and release a version of Nucleus CMS without the bugs that makes problems when running on PHP 5.4 or later.
  • Creating a plugin repository with all plugins that have confirmed to function on the latest version of Nucleus CMS, PHP 5.4 and MySQL 5.5.

So the hope is that this site can keep the Nucleus CMS off the CMS graveyard for the near future, and give some support to the Nucleus CMS community.

So far

  • A Nucleus CMS fork with bugfixes has been released.
  • The plugin repository have in initialized with the current version of my plugins.

What is next

  • I have some plugins that need some finishing touches before they can be released. Among these are plugins for comment moderation and spam check.
  • Further extend the plugin repository with other plugins. These will either be plugins that I use, or by request.


  • Posted by WillyP on 22/01-14 05:18.

    Thanks for doing this! If there is any way I can help, please let me know. I ran the skin site, as well as moderator on the forum. I don't know PHP much, but I'm pretty good with skins and I've made quite a few and I had been working through the skins on the skin site to fix the comment forms that got a little messed up from some release a while back, as well as making them all pass HTML validation.

    Here is my own skins site: WillyPs Nucleus Skins

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