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LMCommentModerator preview

By: Leo
On: 22/01-14 00:10.

The most essential of my upcoming plugins is the LMCommentModerator plugin. This is a short preview of it's key features.

Key features

  • New comments are placed in a moderation queue.
  • Unregistered commenters can edit their comments for 1 hour.
  • Built in spam/ham filters on IP or email address.
  • Spam check plugins for bot behavior and known comment spammers.
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LMNucleus CMS and GitHub

By: Leo
On: 22/01-14 00:02.
Labels: Core, Source, GitHub.

GitHub is used as code management platform for LMNucleus CMS. All changes done in this fork are are documented in commit comments and issues on GitHub. The GitHub repository for LMNucleus CMS can be found here.

Introduction to Slightly Some Nucleus

By: Leo
On: 22/01-14 00:01.
Labels: Site.

This site is the home of the LM plugin family for Nucleus CMS and the home for the Nucleus CMS fork called LMNucleus CMS. I also plan to make it a repository for up to date plugins for Nucleus CMS.

I have been following the Nucleus CMS project for many years now, and has been an relative active plugin developer for 3 years now. The latest year has all activity by the Nucleus CMS development team stopped, both on the project home page and on the project forum. In addition to the missing developers has everyone lost their update access to the Nucleus CMS wiki.

I certainly want to continue to use Nucleus CMS as the CMS system for my sites, because I like the skin, template and plugin system.

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