Nucleus CMS comment moderation and spam handling

By: Leo
On: 13/04-14 12:27.
Labels: Comment, Moderate, Spam.

The combination of the LMCommentModerator, LMStopForumSpam and LMSpamBotBehavior plugins provides a full suite for handling comments on your Nucleus blog. These plugins should cover your needs in comment moderation and comment spam fighting.

With these plugins installed can you keep commenting open for all, and still have full control over which comments that get posted to the blog. When a comment is added will only the comment author see the comment if it is categorized as spam or if it is in the moderation queue. Non member comment authors can also edit their own comments for 1 hour after it was added. For recurring genuine comment authors can whitelists be set up.

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How to set up Nucleus to use the LMCommentModerator plugin

By: Leo
On: 13/04-14 10:36.

The LMCommentModerator plugin require some setup before it can be used. This is a step by step guide on how to set up your Nucleus installation to use the LMCommentModerator plugin for comment moderation. The examples in this guide is based on the default skin of a clean LMNucleus installation, but it should not be much different than setting it up on an existing installation.

The use of the skin and template variables from the LMReplacementVars plugin for displaying items and comments is required for the LMCommentModerator plugin to work. If you have other plugins that show items or comments in any form on your blog and where the plugin don't support the LMReplacementVars plugin will you probably see comments that should be hidden. In these circumstances must you upgrade the problem plugin or change to a similar plugin that supports LMReplacementVars.

It is recommended that you take a backup of your current Nucleus database before you start to set up the LMCommentModerator plugin.

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LMCommentModerator SpamCheck API description

By: Leo
On: 13/04-14 09:14.
Labels: SpamCheck API, Plugin.

Do you want to make your own comment spam check plugins for the NP_LMCommentModerator plugin? This is the description on the NP_LMCommentModerator SpamCheck API. You can implement this API in your plugin to let the NP_LMCommentModerator use your plugin for comment spam checks.

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LMCommentModerator preview

By: Leo
On: 22/01-14 00:10.

The most essential of my upcoming plugins is the LMCommentModerator plugin. This is a short preview of it's key features.

Key features

  • New comments are placed in a moderation queue.
  • Unregistered commenters can edit their comments for 1 hour.
  • Built in spam/ham filters on IP or email address.
  • Spam check plugins for bot behavior and known comment spammers.
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LMNucleus CMS and GitHub

By: Leo
On: 22/01-14 00:02.
Labels: Core, Source, GitHub.

GitHub is used as code management platform for LMNucleus CMS. All changes done in this fork are are documented in commit comments and issues on GitHub. The GitHub repository for LMNucleus CMS can be found here.


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